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Company background:
In recent years, the electric tool industry rapid development in the international market in our country, because our products are mostly from the generic, but the management of manufacturing these products have not been effectively copy, so that enterprises in the high-growth hidden under the extensive production management and manufacturing efficiency is low, will be a number of tools in manufacturing companies Gao Kan and deep pain, across the candy manufacturers, however, is doomed to have no future; In order to help enterprises solve the extensive mode of production to fine production mode, the company is born.

Company profile:
Hundred wise enterprise management consulting co., LTD., founded in 2010, is the earliest engaged in the tool industry one of the professional management consulting services, tool industry is composed of a group of professionals engaged in years of management. The company focus on tool management consulting industry, mainly relates to dc tools, power tools, garden tools, desktop tools and other related industries; Main service contents include: the production management system, quality management system, logistics management system, human resources and related areas such as design, operation, training, consulting team members in the electric tool industry with foreign and domestic well-known electric tool vendors work experience, have professional management experience and solid exercise, the company has been established for many power tool manufacturers to provide excellent service, provides help to improve business management.

Our mission:
Comprehensive promotion of tool industry is committed to enterprise management

Our policy:
Let every customer intelligence service recognition

Our philosophy:
Sincere cooperation, sharing of wisdom

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